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NFL Draft Profile: Dawand Jones

School: Ohio State

Position: OT

Year: Senior

The Good: Jones is truly as big as it gets. His 6’8”, 374lbs frame is eye-popping on tape, but perhaps more stunning is his arm length of 36.375” – Top 10 for OL going back to at least 2011 – and hand size of 11.625” – Top 3 among OL prospects in the same time frame. Jones maximizes his wingspan and has the grip strength that you’d expect from mitts of his dimensions. Jones isn’t exactly a ballerina in cleats but he’s more nimble for his size than I was ready for, which shows up in pass protection and his capable downfield blocking. Jones is a stronger combo blocker too and is a proven finisher.

The Bad: If Dawand Jones had impressive balance then we might be talking about the second coming of Jonathan Ogden here, but that’s certainly not the case. Jones finds himself on the ground a ton by the end of plays. A lot of the aforementioned positives about Jones can be accompanied with a “yeah, but…” Like, Jones possesses insane length but can be too dependent on it, and he’s more light-footed than expected but is still quite slow and lacks burst off the snap. Jones also doesn’t really play up to his weight, in the sense that he doesn’t redirect guys in the run game nor hold his ground versus powerful pass rushers as well as I would’ve thought. Jones developed into one of the better pass protectors in the Big 10 but the gaps in his repertoire – vulnerability to inside quickness, too much hop in his sets, etc. – will be hit with a magnifying glass at the NFL level.

The Bottom Line: For a dude who tipped the scales and maxed out the tape measures in record fashion, I actually view Dawand Jones as one of the more straightforward prospects in this class. Jones isn’t much alike to Mekhi Becton as a prospect from three years ago, given that Becton dropped jaws with his Combine performance in a way that Jones didn’t even approach; it shouldn’t be overlooked that Jones’ 10-yard split time of 1.92 seconds is REALLY bad. But at the same time, Jones hits the Draft as a more refined OT than even Becton and certainly more than other recent behemoths like Daniel Faalele. (Jones looked dominant in limited action at the Senior Bowl.) His outlier size will naturally come along with plenty of penalties and injury scares, but Jones is Day 1 ready for the NFL at either left or right tackle and it’s a safe projection that he’ll be good-not-great at it. 

Grade: Second Round

Pro Comp: Trent Brown

Games Watched:

  • Purdue 2021
  • Notre Dame 2022
  • Iowa 2022
  • Michigan 2022
  • Senior Bowl

Plays That Matter [LINK]


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