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NFL Draft Profile: Anton Harrison

School: Oklahoma

Position: OT

Year: Junior

The Good: Harrison is an incredibly graceful mover for a dude who looks the part of an NFL left tackle at 315lbs with 34” arms. Harrison is natural at maximizing all of the length that he’s got, and he can get himself locked into any defender in a flash. Harrison is an incredibly efficient pass protector; he’s tough to run around or run through, and Oklahoma routinely left him on island to deal with opposing pass rushers in space by himself. Harrison has active hands too, so he’s good at neutralizing pass rushers before they even get into their moves. Harrison moves very well downfield; he’s already a lethal combo blocker who could excel in a zone blocking scheme. He’s not the biggest OT prospect but he has the right punishing mentality.

The Bad: I just wrote that Harrison isn’t the biggest OT prospect in regard to his ability to still finish, but conversely his lack of top size shows in his relative inability to move defenders against their will. To this point in Harrison’s career, defenders have been able to shed him more easily than you’d like to see for a potential Round 1 tackle; he needs to sustain better in the run game and develop a generally firmer grip. For Harrison to remain an elite pass blocker at the next level, I’d like to see him play with more consistent knee bend and work on removing wasted steps from the beginning of his sets.

The Bottom Line: Harrison is really good! I was pleasantly surprised watching his tape, given that he’s usually ranked around the OT5 or OT6 in this class. That might be near the range that he eventually settles for me too, but that has way more to do with the depth of this OT class than Harrison’s game. If someone chose to rank him as OT2, they’d receive no firm objection from me. For a kid who was born in 2002 (!!), Harrison has a lion’s share of experience under his belt, and the Big-12 has toughened up a ton compared to the conference it was even a half-decade ago. Still, Harrison will benefit from increased exposure to EDGEs who will hit him with more counters and rush moves, and Oklahoma’s offense did feature a lot of quick game without elongated pass reps. Normally I don’t like to compare prospects to players who only recently entered the league, but Harrison just reminds me too much of Charles Cross. I have the same grade on Harrison as I did on Cross one year ago, who had a somewhat rocky rookie season with the Seahawks but still definitely appears to be a promising young left tackle.

Grade: Late First Round / Early Second Round

Pro Comp: Charles Cross

Games Watched:

  • Baylor 2021
  • Nebraska 2022
  • Kansas State 2022
  • TCU 2022

Plays That Matter [LINK]


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