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NFL Draft Profile: O’Cyrus Torrence

School: Louisiana (2019-2021), Florida (2022)

Position: OG

Year: Senior

The Good: Torrence is a wide and heavy man at the OG position, and he’s as tough for defensive linemen to get around as his 330lbs weight suggests. He’s an OG only but Torrence has the build of an OT, right down to his nearly 34” arms (96th percentile wingspan) that he utilizes well. The strength of Torrence’s game is his literal strength, especially in his vicegrip hands that are some of the largest ever measured at the Combine. Torrence comes into the Draft battle tested and he’s got a nasty streak in his play style too; there should be minimal concerns about his adaptability to the NFL.

The Bad: Torrence is plainly a mediocre athlete at a position where athleticism transfers far better from college to the NFL than one might think, and it’s particularly apparent in his tape that he lacks both high-end quickness and explosion. His lackluster performances in relevant Combine drills would make Torrence a historical outlier as a high draft pick with his testing results. Torrence is plenty capable in solo protection lined up across from one defender, but he didn’t work as well in tandem with his RTs when defenses would throw combined pass rush looks at the both of them. Torrence naturally is not at his best working in tight spaces either.

The Bottom Line: It’s typically a good thing when prospects hit the NFL Draft with extensive experience already beneath their belts, but it’s a tad concerning in Torrence’s case because he’s an athletically limited player who was more reliable than dominant on tape. Granted I only watched one game of Torrence’s tape from his 2021 junior season with the Ragin’ Cajuns, but I figured he’d be more of a bulldozer against Sun Belt competition. At 23 years old, it’s fair to surmise that Torrence is maxed out. I also wish I felt more optimistic about his scheme versatility at the NFL level, but even his transfer to a better conference didn’t appease concerns considering that Torrence followed Billy Napier and his OL-friendly offense to Florida. Don’t get me wrong: Torrence was legitimately a great lineman at both Louisiana and Florida, but the consensus OG1 in a Draft class is typically a more well-rounded prospect than him. 

Grade: Third Round

Pro Comp: Larry Warford

Games Watched:

  • Appalachian State 2021
  • Utah 2022
  • Georgia 2022
  • Senior Bowl

Plays That Matter [LINK]


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