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NFL Draft Profile: Joe Tippmann

School: Wisconsin

Position: OC

Year: Redshirt Junior

The Good: Joe Tippmann is another big prospect at center at 6’6″, 313lbs. Like many Wisconsin offensive linemen of years past, Tippmann has that Midwestern strength that he can channel throughout his sturdy base. Tippmann can absorb heavy contact lined up across from nose tackles. Tippmann consistently earns good pad level despite being 6’6”, and he possesses above-average general athleticism for an interior lineman.

The Bad: For a prospect who’s even getting some Round 1 buzz, Tippmann has a lot to work on. His hands need work; they too often miss and land outside the pads of defenders. I specified “general” athleticism above – like Tippmann appears fast and explosive enough – but I’m not sure how “functional” of an athlete he is. Tippmann doesn’t change direction nor slide his feet in pass protection well enough. He just looks too stiff and upright on tape too, and the results are iffy when Tippmann doesn’t immediately lock into engagement and he’s forced to instead reset then re-engage. I’d also like to see Tippmann deliver impact in his blocks as well as he absorbs it.

The Bottom Line: I…do not get the early round talk around Tippmann. It came out of freaking nowhere too; he wasn’t ranked on any consensus big boards at the start of this process. It’s not like Tippmann blew up the Combine either; he literally didn’t even test! And I’m sorry, I know that injuries can flare up and prospects want to perform drills at 100% only, but an early-declare IOL prospect skipping testing over this four-month process raises red flags for me. And on the field, I think there’s a chance I’d like Tippmann more at guard; he definitely has the size and tools to play there. But more than that, he didn’t appear in total command of his offensive line at center; I witnessed a few miscommunications transpire on tape that resulted in QB hits or sacks. So yeah, we have a probably-athletic and probably-versatile prospect with hit-and-miss tape at IOL here. That’s a draftable player, but closer to Day 3 than Day 1.

Grade: Fourth Round

Pro Comp: Graham Glasgow

Games Watched: 

  • Ohio State 2022
  • Michigan State 2022
  • Nebraska 2022

Plays That Matter [LINK]


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