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NFL Draft Profile: Cody Mauch

School: North Dakota State

Position: OG

Year: Redshirt Senior

The Good: Cody Mauch has some of the best run blocking tape that I’ve ever seen from a college offensive lineman, and he has the tools to keep it up at the NFL level and become a truly game-changing run blocker. That reads like I’m getting carried away and trust me – I had to check myself multiple times during his film evaluation – but then you see that Mauch posted the best 3-cone time ever by an interior lineman at his Pro Day. He beat Jason Kelce by one-tenth of a second – that’s a lot of time in that drill! Mauch’s feet, change of direction ability, and quickness to the second level of the defense are all stunning. He’s a naturally balanced athlete with extremely quick hands, so he was plenty good at mirroring rushers in pass protection as a left tackle at North Dakota State. Once he’s officially kicked inside to guard, Mauch can open possibilities as a combo blocker with his eventual NFL team. Even though he’s hitting the league straight from an FCS program, it won’t be a sharp learning curve for Mauch in the run game; NDSU has one of the more complex offenses in college football in that phase of the game. Once Mauch reaches defenders, he locks into his blocks and wants to finish them.

The Bad: As such a fantastic mover, which is fair to describe as “contained chaos” – sometimes that chaos gets a bit less contained and is too drastic. It makes sense why that happens to Mauch; his arms are REALLY short so he attacks defenders just to get ahold of them with his lack of length. I think Mauch has enough power for the NFL – especially at guard – but I get why some people are concerned over that. He’d set some pretty wide bases in pass protection at OT to prepare for speed-to-power rushes.

The Bottom Line: This probably won’t come as much of a surprise following that love letter of a first section, but Cody Mauch might be my personal favorite player in this Draft. His play style and clear love for football are infectious. If you don’t think any tackle-to-guard convert from lower-level college football should ever qualify for a Round 1 pick, I’d at least advise that you watch Mauch more than hold his own at the Senior Bowl. He seriously looked fantastic in his reps at guard. (Please stop trying him at center.) I’ve faded FCS offensive linemen in years past – I was super low on both Trevor Penning and Dillon Radunz – so I’m not trying to spotlight Mauch here or anything. I just think he could be that much of a difference maker as a run blocker. If you asked me to pick 5 players from this Draft who could become transcendent at something at the NFL level – like Jason Kelce – I’d pick Cody Mauch as one of them.  

Grade: Mid First Round

Pro Comp: Evan Mathis

Games Watched:

  • Eastern Washington 2021
  • Arizona 2022
  • Illinois State 2022
  • Senior Bowl

Plays That Matter [LINK]


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