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NFL Draft Profile: Joey Porter Jr.

School: Penn State

Position: CB

Year: Redshirt Junior

The Good: There’s your average “long cornerback” and then there’s Joey Porter Jr, who literally has the arm length to play offensive tackle. Going back to 1999, only one CB measured longer arms than Porter’s 34” tree trunks at the Combine. Porter doesn’t let his length go to waste either; he’s great at getting his fingertips on the ball at the last moment. Porter has the traits and smarts to become one of the league’s preeminent press-zone CBs. He has press reps on tape where he offers truly zero windows for QBs to hit. His zone instincts are tremendous and he’s just an overall smart player, hardly surprising as the son of an NFL legend. There is no concern about Porter’s willingness to tackle either.

The Bad: I don’t really care about Porter’s 40 times – which weren’t all that good anyway – because he does not play with top speed. If he ends up in a man-heavy scheme, he’ll have his reps where he either gets flat-out cooked or continues his troubling trend of grabbing wideouts. He’s forced to play with more cushion than you’d like in man coverage too, because he’s tight-hipped and struggles against quicker receivers, and he also misses with his bump in press more than you’d think for a CB as long and physical as he is. He’ll need to get better in the NFL at being more efficient with his feet; he wastes steps and gets twisted up on some higher-quality releases.

The Bottom Line: Joey Porter Jr is a good prospect. Sure, there is a bust factor to weigh if he ends up on the wrong team, not unlike Jeff Okudah in Detroit. He’ll have his detractors too, especially with a famous dad and a confidence that can be described as cocky, and he’ll definitely have his fair share of rough highlights against him early on in his NFL career. The play style isn’t the best match so this isn’t my comp for Porter – see below for that – but otherwise he reminds me of Trevon Diggs. People love to rip Diggs because he’ll get burnt for big plays or be 5 yards away from a completion to his man, but the dude is still a valuable cornerback for what he brings to a defense. Diggs is more of a big-play-in-waiting, while Porter is just a really sharp player who’ll make QBs think twice just by lurking around in zone. 

Grade: Mid First Round

Pro Comp: Josh Norman

Games Watched:

  • Auburn 2021
  • Ohio State 2021
  • Purdue 2022
  • Michigan 2022
  • Minnesota 2022
  • Ohio State 2022

Plays That Matter [LINK]


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