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NFL Draft Profile: Luke Musgrave

School: Oregon State

Position: TE

Year: Fourth-Year Junior

The Good: Musgrave is a freaky prospect at 6’6”, 255lbs with a 40-yard dash time that might clock beneath 4.50 seconds at the upcoming NFL Combine. Musgrave plays to his height and runs like a damn gazelle on the football field, so we aren’t just talking about his frame here. He flies off the LOS and has very nimble feet from there – his background in skiing makes sense. Even if Musgrave doesn’t put it all together as an NFL caliber tight end, he’s enough of a vertical threat that he should provide value whenever he’s on the field. Defenses will need to account for his deep speed and ability to physically separate on every snap. Musgrave is a willing blocker who works to get low for pad level despite his height.

The Bad: I teased it by writing “whenever he’s on the field,” but Musgrave is definitely a health risk and missed the final 11 games of Oregon State’s latest season due to injury. That drops his floor before you even get into his game. As a blocker, Musgrave is mostly mediocre. His run blocking is fine compared to flat-out bad pass blocking, but he’s generally off-balance and struggles to down block when he’s aligned on the LOS. Musgrave has iffy hands; he’s had his fair share of drops and has been disappointing in contested catch situations on tape. Musgrave’s game just lacks all-around refinement right now, which might be a concern figuring he’ll be 23 years old by Week 1. Perhaps that could sort itself out with time and better health, but as things stand Musgrave’s game is basically trying to run away from defenders as fast as he can.

The Bottom Line: It’s really tough to peg a grade on Musgrave because of the position he plays coupled with the fact that he missed almost the entirety of what figured to be his breakout season. I wouldn’t say that he wasn’t productive; Musgrave led Oregon State in receiving in each of the two games he played and posted 5+ receptions and 80+ yards against two quality teams (Boise State and Fresno State). By all accounts, Musgrave also had a good showing at the Senior Bowl. His profile combined with his raw talent make Musgrave a legitimately tantalizing prospect, and I wouldn’t fault any front office for pushing him up and up their boards until we finally reach the Draft in April. I’m excited to see what Musgrave could become in the NFL, but I’ll temper my excitement a bit because of the unknown that comes along with him and real flaws in his game that shouldn’t be ignored just because of his tools. 

Grade: Second Round

Pro Comp: Jordan Cameron

Games Watched:

  • Oregon 2021
  • Boise State 2022
  • Fresno State 2022

Plays That Matter [LINK]


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